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We are now in our sixth year, having serviced, repaired and refurbished thousands of chiropractic instruments for our chiropractor clients worldwide, including but not limited to any year model of the  ArthroStim, VibraCussor, Impulse Adjusting Instrument, iQ Adjusting Instrument, J-Tech CAT, Brimhall Variable Adjuster I, II, III, VA I, VA II, VA III, Brimhall Percussor II, VP II, Brimhall Percussor III, VP III, Zevex, Erchonia, Activator I, Activator II, Activator III, Activator IV, Activator V and many more not listed. Some refer to these adjusting instruments as an Activator gun, Impulse gun, e-z grip Activator, Easy Grip Activator, Activator 1, Activator 2, Activator 3, Activator 4, Activator 5, high thrust devices, mechanical thrust devices, percussion action thrusting impulse adjusters.

To our knowledge, we are the only service repair company providing repairs and refurbishing for such a diverse array of adjusters within one company for the chiropractic community on six continents, and in our many years of servicing, and thousands of clients later, we are one of the most trusted sources for servicing and repairing a 50 year old adjuster or refurbishing the newer instruments as they are developed.

We welcome to this site, all of our first time visitors and potentially new clients, and once you have used our services, you will most likely continue to utilize us to repair your adjusting instruments, instead of replacing them with new ones, which should prove to you that repairing your adjusters offers you a greater savings in money. We also see no reason to throw away an adjuster without our diagnosing it. If we discover in our diagnosis that your adjuster cannot be repaired, we will ship them back to you at our expense.

Here, at WorldWide Chiropractic Repairs, in many cases, we know that you do not have to replace your adjusters just because they are not working, not functioning properly, or are in disrepair, and we are confident it is to your benefit in savings by placing your adjusting tools back into service, especially when we provide a One Year Warranty with our servicing of your chiropractic tools. In this way, our clients can enjoy greater reliability and perhaps increased durability after we have serviced and repaired your adjusting tool.


Contact one of our service representatives and we will get you started in the servicing of your adjusters.

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