We have serviced and repaired thousands of adjusting instruments for the chiropractic community throughout the world…Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Pacific Rim, Australia, South America, North America, including the U.S., its territories, Canada, Scandinavia and more.

We can repair adjusting instruments from anywhere in the world that a chiropractor has their Practice and ship, and we really appreciate it when you let us know how we're doing.

Therefore, we’d like to share some of the many unsolicited testimonials from your colleagues, to offer further value in what we can do for you:

Wanted to let you know that the Doctor received his refurbished Activator as promised. He has asked me to let you know he appreciates your continued efforts and he will continue to refer to WorldWide Chiropractic Repairs as the need arises.
K.P. Office Mgr.
New Mexico, USA
I received my repaired Impulse this morning in the mail. Thanks for the speedy turn around.
Dr. T.L.
Washington, USA
Thank you very much for fixing my Activator III. It works great. Yesterday, I mailed you another Activator III for repair.
Dr, J.A.
Florida, USA
Thank you for being so consistent on the emails and being cooperative with all my questions. I will be watching for my invoice for our two Impulse Adjusting Instruments.
Dr. D. K.
Michigan, USA
We have received our Activator III today. Thank you so much!
Dr. D.B.
Georgia, USA
Thank you so much - they are working BEAUTIFULLY!!! (3 Impulse Adjusting Instruments) So happy and I do appreciate your business ethics.
And I'll be sure to spread the good word of the workmanship!!
Dr. P.
You guys did a nice job when you repaired my Impulse earlier this year, now my Activator IV is locked in the open position and I’ll be sending it to be repaired also.
Dr. G.P.
Ohio, USA
Thank you for your wonderful service for our Impulse Instruments.
K.C. Office Mgr.
Illinois, USA
Got my Activator back today. Thanks, it works great!
Dr. D.M.D.
Colorado, USA
It was great talking with you yesterday. I appreciate you and what you are doing for our profession.
Dr. R.P.
Colorado, USA
Got my second Activator IV yesterday. Works great!
Dr. D.R.
California, USA
Thanks guys, The IQ is working great!
Dr. P.C.
Virginia, USA
When your favorite Impulse iQ stops working (I’ve owned several and they eventually do), you only have two options: send it back to the manufacturer or to Worldwide Chiropractic Repairs. Luckily, the most reasonably priced option also happens to have the quickest turn-around time and the most personalized service. I recommend without reservation using them for all your chiropractic adjusting instrument repairs.
Dr. J.F.
Pennsylvania USA
Thank you for repairing our Impulse Instrument and for the quick turnaround. It's working great!
Dr. S.Y.
Washington, USA
We got the refurbished Impulse yesterday and the Doctor is extremely happy with it! Thank you so much!! GREAT WORK!!!!
K.V. Office Manager
West Virginia, USA
I have received my iQ - seems to be operating properly. Thank you!
Dr. V.K.
Wyoming, USA
My Activator IV is here and it works great! Thank you!
Dr. R.T.
California, USA
I received my impulse adjusting tool today and it works well. Thank you for your service.
Dr. J.M.
Nebraska, USA
Thank you for your speedy service for our Activator II.
Dr. M.J.
Washington, USA
Good Morning, Just to let you know, that I did receive this email message and to advise you that USPS dropped off my unit about 60 minutes ago...while your fax was coming thru letting me know the routing number. Thank you for your attention to my needs.
Dr. J.S.
Ohio, USA
Thank you so much for the quick turnaround and the warranty repair. That’s the way to do business!!!
Dr. M.S.
California, USA
I received my Activator IV and it is working like new…thanks so much!!!
Dr. P.G.
California, USA
I received the Impulse. Works great. Thanks for everything.
Dr. W.S.

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